Cabling & Bolting

Cabling and bolting are important techniques we use to help support and stabilize structurally weak trees. These techniques can help to prevent trees from falling or breaking during storms or high winds and can prolong the life of a tree that might otherwise need to be removed.

Cabling involves attaching steel cables between two or more branches of a tree to provide support and prevent them from breaking. Cabling is typically done on trees that have a split or a “V” shaped crotch, which is a weak point that can easily break in high winds. The cables are installed by drilling holes into the branches and securing the cables in place with hardware such as turnbuckles or eye bolts.

Bolting involves drilling a hole through a branch or trunk and inserting a steel rod or bolt to provide support. This method is used for trees with a large crack or split, or for a tree that has been damaged by disease or pests. The bolt is secured in place with a nut and washer and can help to prevent the branch or trunk from breaking.

Both cabling and bolting are usually done by professionals who are trained in the proper installation of the hardware and the care of the tree afterwards. It’s important to note that cabling and bolting are not permanent solutions and will require occasional inspection and maintenance.

Cabling and bolting are not always recommended or feasible, and our experts at Adamson Tree Experts conduct an assessment to determine whether the tree is a good candidate for cabling or bolting. they also consider the species of the tree, the extent of the damage, and the location of the tree, before making a recommendation.

It’s important to keep in mind that cabling and bolting are intended to prolong the life of a tree, but they are not permanent solutions. Regular inspection and maintenance are required to ensure that the cables and bolts are in good condition and that the tree is not undergoing any additional stress.

Let us assess the condition of your tree, and recommend the best approach for providing support and stability. Simply give us a call and get the ball rolling.