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Corrective Pruning
Corrective pruning is used to improve not only the health and structure of the tree, but also the overall appearance, through the removal of dead, diseased, or unwanted limbs and branches, thinning, lifting the canopy, and flushing stubs to collars.
House & Building Clearance
A crucial service for property owners to clear trees and other vegetation from around houses and any other buildings to improve the safety of the property, prevent structural damage, and maintain the aesthetic appeal.
Aeration & Fertilization
Aeration and fertilization are important practices for maintaining the health and appearance of trees. Trees are aerated and fed with a slow-releasing fertilizer to allow increased air and moisture to reach the roots to help produce new roots and foliage for a healthier tree.
Cabling & Bolting
Cabling and bolting involves the installation of various cables around the branches and trunk to stabilize weakened or damaged branches, or to provide support to a severe crack or split. While cabling and bolting does not fully repair a tree, it can significantly prolong a tree’s life that might otherwise need to be removed.
Cavity & Wound Treatment
Cavity and wound treatments are used to address wounds or cavities either on the trunk or branches that will weaken the structural integrity of the tree by allowing moisture and insects to enter the tree. These treatments will encourage healing and new growth, and prevent further disease and decay.
Tree Evaluations & Appraisals
Tree evaluations and appraisals are offered to assess the overall health, structural integrity, and value of trees for a variety of reasons including safety concerns, real estate transactions, future construction, or insurance purposes. Call us today to have your tree evaluated!
24/7 Emergency Storm Damage
In the aftermath of severe storms, you may need our emergency storm response services to take care of your broken trees as soon as possible, leaving you free to pursue your normal daily routines once more, without the added stress of cleaning up the mess.
Pre Construction & Lot Clearing
We provide complete or selective lot clearing for future residential or commercial development including dropping trees and scrub, chipping all debris, and removing stumps. Our team is ready to provide you with the best advice to prepare your trees for your next construction project!
With great pride, Adamson Tree Experts now offers a full saw milling service. Wood that would normally go to waste, processed into woodchips, or used as firewood at best, we are now making solid and useable products to bring new life to the trees we remove every day!

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